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Bringing Home Your New Fur Baby

Updated: Feb 20

Alright, so you picked out your new bundle of joy and and ready to bring him/ her home. Yikes! What do I need to have ready for the new baby? Luckily, puppies require a few less supplies than their human counterparts but let's take a look at what you will need to get started.

After a lot of trial and error, I now buy the vast majority of my pet products from They have a huge selection, the best prices, deliver it right to your door and their customer service is exceptional. Another benefit to buying from them is, if it's something you buy on a regular basis (ie. food, shampoo, supplements, etc), you can save up to 15% your total order by using their "subscribe and save" program. I love saving time and money!!

1. Crate.

I highly recommend having a crate on hand to help with training. Trust me, it is a really good thing to have. You will thank me later! Not sure which one to get? Check out my article here.

2. Toys.

I personally don't like throwing away money on toys that the dogs destroy in less than an hour. There is an overwhelmingly huge selection of toys for dogs available in stores and online. Unfortunately, most of them don't hold up and just end up in the garbage. That means your hard earned money might as well have just thrown in the trash can!

Things to consider when buying toys for your pup:

* Durability

* Cost

* Potential for becoming a choking hazard

It's challenging to find products that fit those parameters. Fortunately, there are a few companies that stand out above the rest and meet our high standards. Here is a list of some of our favorite things:

* Chew Bones. These bones are HUGE and provide hours of safe chewing entertainment!

* Crackle Ball. Definitely a favorite! The dogs love the crackle sound this makes when they bite and play with it!

* Wubba Toy. What else can I say? The Wubba is AMAZING! Super durable and the dogs can't get enough of it!

* Durable Bouncy Ball. Better than tennis balls, hands down! These little beauties are so much fun!

3. Collar

It is really important to have a good collar for your pup. Puppies grow very quickly, so make sure to get a collar that is adjustable and check it often! A properly fitted collar is one that you should be able to fit two fingers in between the collar and the dog's neck- no less, no more. An ID tag is a great idea but make sure to check it often, as they can get pulled off. A better option is to have a collar that is engraved with your contact information so that your pooch can find his/ her way home if they get lost.

I have purchased many collars from local stores but they tend to break and/ or not hold up over time. Here are two collars that we have purchased and been very happy with- they look beautiful, hold up well and won't break the bank!

* This is a gorgeous leather collar with several color options. Our dogs look gorgeous in these!

* Another great option...These collars are beautiful and hold up really well!

4. Leash

It's really important to have the right tools to communicate effectively to your pup. We recommend having a six foot leash for training and walking your pup. Make sure it has a sturdy clasp. I also highly recommend using a choker collar for training sessions.

5. Dog Bed (optional)

If you are like me you want quality, comfy bed for your doggies. A couple of problems is that they can be incredibly expensive and oftentimes can be hard to clean. I need something I can quickly throw into the wash and that's not an incredibly big hassle. Here is one that fits the bill: This cute bed is easy to wash, inexpensive, portable and the dogs LOVE it! What more could you ask for?

6. Puppy/ Dog Food

It's vitally important to feed a high quality food to your dog throughout his/ her life. Check out my detailed discussion on this important subject here.

7. Supplements

It's imperative that your young, developing Golden Retriever gets daily supplements to help support them during the critical growth periods. This is the one that we use:

8. Dog shampoo

A really good thing to have on hand! Believe me, you'll be so thankful you have it when the time comes to need it! We use this shampoo that is organic, smells delicious, and a little bit goes a LONG way!!

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