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Pet Transportation
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Ok, so you've finally found the right breeder that you feel a connection to and now it's time to plan for the arrival of your new fur baby.  Out of state?  No time to travel? No problem!  We offer professional ground transportation as well as flight nanny services to get your baby home safely and into your arms!

Ground Transportation

This is a great option if you are within 7 - 8 hours of Appomattox, VA.  We offer both private and group rates (if your puppy is from one of our litters and there will be other puppies on the same route).  We are well versed in proper biosecurity measures (primarily focused on risks associated with Parvo and Distemper) and your puppy will be properly loved and cared for during the entire trip.

Flight Nanny

This is an excellent option for private transportation of your special little one.  Your puppy or kitten will be chaperoned and pampered during the entire trip and will fly in the cabin with his/ her nanny.  We fly by reserved seats to any major airport, so we will know the flight schedule well ahead of time so you can plan for his/ her arrival.

Door to Door Service

No time to drive to meet us at the airport?  No problem!  Just let us know that you will need door to door service and we will make all of the arrangements.

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