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Puppy Timeline/ Visitation

What an exciting time waiting for your new fur baby to finally be old enough to come home!  We get so many requests to visit the puppies and adults that we thought it would be a great idea to give a breakdown of their timeline from birth to 8 weeks (when they finally come home).

Week One

This is a critical time in the puppies' lives.  They are born 100% helpless.  Their eyes and ears are closed.  We spend a great deal of time with them at this age making sure they are all getting off to a great start!  Day three is when we start ENS.

Week Two

This is an amazing time in their lives.  Day 16 is the final day of ENS. This is when their eyes will start to open!

Week Three

During this week they will have their eyes and ears open.  They also will be walking by now and teeth will be emerging.

Week Four

Puppies will be introduced to solid food and start playing and acting like dogs.

Week Five

They are growing like weeds and starting to be adventurous!  Weather permitting, they will start spending time outside in their exercise pen.

Week Six

This is when we try to have their vet check up and receive their first vaccinations.  We also do a lot of socialization and enrichment play now.

Week Seven

This is a critical time in your puppies' development and socialization is imperative.  Socialization is oftentimes misinterpreted as meeting other dogs and people, which is a common misconception.  Please be sure to watch the video on early socialization and ask us for guidance and suggestions.

Week Eight - Nine

The puppies have reached an important developmental milestone.  Starting on or after day 55 is when we do the Personality Assessment Testing.  We use a combination of the Volhard and Avidog proven testing systems.  Once this is completed and we analyze the results, we are now able to match the puppies to their perfect families!  This is also the age when they receive their microchip.  Do you have a name picked out?  Time to come home!  

Visiting our Facility

We know how excited you are to meet the puppies and to bring your new baby home!  We often get requests to come and visit during the last few weeks.  As much as we would love to allow you in to play with the adorable babies, we do not allow outside visitors.  We put the health and safety of our dogs and puppies above all else.  Biosecurtiy is imperative as it is very easy for pathogens to be carried in on clothes and shoes.  Your puppy has a very fragile immune system until the age of 16 weeks and many of the transmittable illnesses are oftentimes fatal and put the entire litter and future litters at risk as well.  For these reasons we only allow one visit, which is at your scheduled appointment time to pick up your puppy.

We always post lots of photos and videos of the puppies on our Facebook and Instagram pages.  Be sure to click the links below to follow us and to watch their progress!



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