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How We Give Back


We believe strongly in the power of paying it forward.  Our lives have been so incredibly blessed and we want to share the gifts of these amazing dogs with others.  We have done extensive research in our quest to find a fantastic organization that we would like to support both now and on an ongoing basis.  After more than a year of research, we have finally found an absolutely amazing organization that shares incredible values and helps change lives within the service community.

Introducing Leader Dogs for the Blind.  We donated our first puppy to this most wonderful nonprofit group in the fall of  2020.  This will be the first of many and we are looking forward to a long relationship and doing what we can to help them for many years to come.

They actually charge 0 dollars to train and place a service dog!  That is commendable, since it costs on average $40,000 to train one dog and their new handler over the course of two years. They work with hundreds of dogs per year and rely strictly on donations.  I don't know of any other organization that can do that!!  We are doing our very best to spread the word of this most amazing organization. Help us spread the word and if you are interested in joining our campaign to help, you can find out how to make a donation here.

Please check back often for updates on the puppy as he settles in with his host family and begins his journey toward helping someone in need.


Future Leader Dog Bolt is doing very well with his puppy raising family!  They have been kind enough to personally reach out to us and send us regular updates on him.  They had been raising another dog, Simba (20 months), who has recently been returned to the Leader Dog facility to start on his new phase in the process- the training.  There was an overlap when the family had both dogs simultaneously and the dogs did wonderfully together.

Here are some photos of Bolt for you to enjoy:

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