Frequently Asked Puppy Training Questions 

Do you want to work with your puppy yourself?  Maybe you can't stand the thought of missing one moment of your puppies critical developmental period and precious bonding time?  Is there a gap from the time that you will be bringing home your new pup and when the training classes you signed up for start?  There are many reasons that new owners want to do their own puppy training but need some guidance during the process. 

It's very important to make sure the recommendations you get are from knowledgable, experienced, balanced trainers!  There are many trainers that are in the public's eye that can and do cause a lot of confusion for both the dogs and their owners.  


We believe in using balanced training methods.  We have done extensive research to find the best real life trainers to help you and your dog(s).  We personally use these techniques with our own dogs and only recommend the very best trainers that we feel will help you create a healthy, balanced relationship with your pup.

Two of the issues that all puppies and their owners will encounter are puppy nipping/ biting/ and jumping.  So often we are asked, "How do I stop my puppy from nipping?"  Here are some techniques to get you started:

What is Balanced training?  Why is all positive training bad?  Find out here:

One of the primary issues that we see with our clients is that they don't understand about the mentality of the pack animal/ dogs.  Having a clear understanding and being able to communicate properly with your new pup will go a long way toward creating that balanced relationship that we all crave with our dogs.

McCann Trainers are an Excellent source with TONS of content on any topic you can think of!  They use very similar techniques that we use here at Golden Touch. They do offer training packages that you can use in the convenience of your own home as well.

Leerburg is one of the most well known training programs in the world.  Luckily, with today's technology, we have access to their training programs from the comfort of our homes.  Your puppy from 8 weeks to 12 months is an affordable and thorough puppy program that we urge each new puppy family to invest in before you bring your puppy home.  It will pay dividends in the relationship outcome with your new fur baby!

We've all heard the term "socialization" but what does it REALLY mean?
Nate Schoemer shows the proper way to introduce your your puppy the first time in your home:
McCann trainers from Canada have TONS of videos available on just about every topic you can think of!  A very good source for balanced training methods.
Robert Cabral is a highly respected trainer with years of professional experience.  Here he explains about how to communicate with your pup.  Be sure to check out his page for more tips!
Here Robert shows some puppy shaping and training:
For anyone who wants to understand the philosophy of dog training, this video is for you!
Thinking of taking your pup to a dog park?  We strongly discourage it and here's why:
Frequently asked grooming questions:
Frequently asked health & wellness questions:
Hope these help!  Please don't hesitate to ask us for recommendations with any topics you cannot find answers to!!
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