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Why Should I Choose an ECGR?

All of Our dogs are from European lines known as English Cream Golden Retrievers or also known as British White. Why did we choose the European lines vs. the American lines? I'm glad you asked! Although they are all "Golden Retrievers" they are very different from one another.

There are tremendous differences in the health of the English vs American Golden. The American Goldens have numerous serious health issues due to years of improper breeding that have caused a vast array of genetic issues. Hip, eye and joint problems are prevalent and cost owners not only financially but emotionally. By buying an English Golden you will instantly save a fortune in medical bills!

Disposition is another critical area that they differ. Although not all American Goldens are hyper or all European Goldens are calm (they are all individuals), as a general rule the European Goldens are extremely calm and confident. This makes them much easier to train and better overall to be around.

If you are looking for an amazing Therapy Dog, Emotional Support Dog or Service Dog or family pet, this is the breed for you! They are calm, intelligent and eager to please, which makes them easy to train and loyal, devoted partners.

Why you'll LOVE our English Cream Golden Retrievers at Golden Touch:

  • We have some of the best pedigrees and bloodlines available. Our Goldens have been imported from top breeders and carefully selected for our breeding program.

  • All of our dogs have been tested and are free from any genetic issues for hip dysplasia, eyes and joints.

  • Our puppies receive top quality care and are also exposed to neurological stimulation during the critical early learning periods in their lives. What does that mean for you? A healthy, confident, well balanced dog!

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